Engagement Party

An Engagement Party is an opportunity to celebrate a new beginning. A chance to set the tone for the wedding that is to follow. Be it a small family gathering or a grand event, we can make it special. We promise you a beginning, befitting the journey to follow.


Marriages are made in Heaven, but celebrated here, on Earth. And we will ensure that your Wedding is a memorable celebration. We believe that if enough attention is given to the details, the larger scheme will turn out very well. And this is the very principle we put in practice while planning & executing your gala event.

Reception Party

Toast a new beginning & let the magic of a marriage flow on. We will set the tone for people to join you in celebrating your wedding.

Birthday Party

A first Birthday or a fiftieth, we can organize a function to fit the occasion. From setting the right ambience to fun events to a custom designed menu, we can provide you the complete range of services to make the Birthday a memorable occasion.

Anniversary Party

A Wedding Anniversary is a celebration of love, trust, partnership & tolerance. If you already have a plan on how to celebrate it, tell us about it. Else, we can help you plan a day that will salute the beautiful journey.

Family Get-together

A Family Get-together is an exciting event, where you wouldn’t want the hassles of organization to interfere with the enjoyment. That is where we come in. Leave all the worries to us as we ensure that your Get-together turns out to be exactly what it is supposed to be.